Colombia – El Jardin

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Sensory notes: tea rose, hibiscus, coffee blossom, cacao nibs

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caturra, Pink Bourbon




Jorge Rojas is a 4th generation coffee grower and runs Finca El Jardin, which is located in Planadas, Tolima, Colombia. His journey with coffee began at the age of 13 when his mother provided him with the opportunity to work on the farm. This allowed him to learn everything necessary to manage a coffee farm. Upon reaching adulthood, Jorge inherited a portion of his father’s farm and acquired a section of his neighbour’s land. Together, they now make up his very own Finca El Jardin.

This innovative farm is situated at an elevation of approximately 1,900 meters and spans around 3 hectares of land dedicated to coffee cultivation. Within this area, you can find different varieties of coffee, including 4,000 Caturra, 7,000 Yellow Colombia, 1,000 Pink Bourbon, 800 Wush Wush, and 1,000 Geisha.

Jorge’s family also plays a significant role in his coffee production. Together, they work in the field and strive to innovate and produce high-quality coffee. Additionally, Jorge has also created his own brand, La Roca. He personally roasts the coffee and is currently constructing a wet mill to buy and process coffee cherries from his neighbouring farmers.

Finca El Jardin boasts a forest reserve of approximately 0.5 hectares. This reserve holds significant value as it lies in close proximity to a National Park. The reserve aids in safeguarding various endangered species, such as the Gallito de Roca bird, which Jorge also claims to have spotted on his farm. Additionally, he strives to implement sustainable practices at Finca El Jardin, including composting all coffee pulp with the aid of earthworms. He is among the few producers who filter water after processing their coffee.

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