COLOMBIA – Wilton Benitez – Granja Paraiso 92 Competition Lot

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Sensory notes: lavender, green tea, apricot, vanilla

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red bourbon




World-class coffee grower Wilton Benitez is known for his acclaimed thermo shock processing techniques and his lifetime experience in cultivating exotic and sought after coffee. Wilton’s coffee is extremely special due to three main factors: the first is the double fermentation method, the second is the microorganisms used at each stage, and the third is the technology he uses for soaking the beans with hot then cold water, which is called thermal shock.

There is another important aspect of his processing, the drying method. He uses a process called controlled drying, which is done with equipment rather than natural drying in the sun. Wilton, through his own R&D lab, developed a special instrument just for drying the beans. With this equipment, he is able to control and set programs that adjust temperature and drying speeds, so that the influence of the climate environment can be absorbed by the beans. This enables him to have more control over the temperature and treatment of the beans and guarantee consistent high-quality to his customers.

Thank to Wilton’s method this lot gives you a unique cup with complex and delicate notes of juicy lavender and green tea with a sweet aftertaste of apricot and vanilla. This is surely one of a kind coffee.

Granja Paraiso 92 is a family farm with different varieties using highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shade and laboratory nutrition calculations; it also has its own microbiology laboratory, quality laboratory and processing plant. This is a zero emissions farm, it does not use any type of fossil fuel and also has implemented a technology that allows it to capture moisture from the grain for later use in all the processes of fermentation, washing and sanitization of the cherry.

The granja paraiso 92 farm has a program in which neighboring small producers implement processes developed by Wilton Benitez with an increase in the profitability of their crop of up to 500%. Small producers also participate in a training program to learn strategies to make their farms and production more profitable.

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