Ethiopia – Sakicha

16,50 58,00 

Sensory notes: elderberry, violet, papaya, lemongrass

Weight N/A

West Guji


Extended Natural






Established in 2020, the Sakicha Station is located in the Sakicha Village, District of Bule Hora, in West Guji (Oromia region). One of the main characteristics of this washing station is that it is located on the higher altitude of Sakicha village in Bule Hora. The altitude combined with the characteristics of the weather show great potential for coffee production. Due to the location, many farmers can easily deliver cherries and there is also easier to find both labourers and quality coffee.

The process is an extended natural: coffee is pulped a maximum of 8h after being picked; then it is immediately placed on drying tables for an average of 18 days. An extended fermentation occurred in special thanks for 72 hours.

This lot shows great consistency and complexity, layered with ferment notes like wine, elderberry and tropical fruit aromas like papaya. It is also suuuuper boozy, but still very clean. Expressive anaerobic flavours of fruit are present with a hint of spices and bright lemon. If you like intense and ferment-forward coffees, this coffee might be a match!

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