Ethiopia – Sookoo

16,50 58,00 

Sensory notes: red berries, orange blossom, citrus, caramel

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74110, 74111




This lot comes from the collaborative effort of 35 dedicated farmers from the small village of Tima.

The cherries are carefully de-pulped, following a 12-hour wet fermentation and washing, the beans are laid to dry on raised African beds. Hourly rotation ensures quality, while the beans dry in the Ethiopian sun for 14 to 18 days; this slow drying truly captures the bean’s potential and enhances those mixed notes of berries and citrus with a pleasant caramel aftertaste.

Sookoo Coffee is led by Ture Waji, the “King of Guji”, who places utmost importance on quality and training. Close collaboration with local farmers enables knowledge exchange and skill development. From seed preparation to harvesting, post-harvesting, and processing, Ture himself and his team supervise every step meticulously, ensuring not only quality, but consistency year over year.

However, their impact extends beyond coffee production. In an effort to give back to the community, they have led projects like the construction of roads and on school a couple of years ago, as well as donations of school supplies to the local children. This is Sookoo’s commitment to the next generation’s education.

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