Indonesia – Ijen Highlands

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Sensory notes: mango lassi, dates, plum, licorice

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East Java




Bourbon, Abysinia, Andungsari, Kartika, Komasti




The High Lands of Ijen, in the eastern region of Java, produce specialty coffee with exceptional character. On the mineral-rich slopes of the Mount Ijen volcano, generations of cultivators grow ancient coffee varieties. The unique terroir and skillful processing create outstanding green beans of exceptional quality.

Farmers nurture a diverse blend of trees, including Typica, S795, Andungsari, and other precious varieties. They handpick the coffee, selecting only ripe cherries. The freshly harvested cherries are then transported to the wet mill in the village of Botolinggo.

At the wet mill, the cherries undergo a thorough washing and density sorting in water channels. Skilled workers manually inspect and remove any defects. Only the highest-grade cherries proceed to further processing.

The selected cherries are spread out in the sun to dry slowly for 11-13 days. Careful rotation ensures even drying to an optimal moisture level. The dried beans are then sent to the dry mill in Driyorejo.

Here, the outer parchment is removed from the dried cherry. The green beans undergo pneumatic and manual selection to eliminate any defects. They are also sized using screens. Only the larger and uniform green beans are selected for export.

The result is a coffee that reflects the distinctive terroir of the High Lands of Ijen and the generations of agricultural experience that have produced it: a fruity aromatic profile typical of stone fruits with a hint of tropical fruit acidity, accompanied by a substantial body that gives way to an aftertaste of licorice and cocoa.

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