AeroPress Original Coffee Maker


The AeroPress Original coffee maker is beloved by fans around the world. This patented technology produces rich, smooth coffee, cold brew, and espresso style drinks. Designed in Silicon Valley, Made in the USA, this brewing method stands in the middle ground between a filter coffee and and an infusion with a bit of manual pressure.

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Product Details

No sourness, bitterness, or grit: The AeroPress brewing method produces a balanced cup, without bitterness or sourness, while the paper filter removes the grit typically found in other presses. 

Brew in less than 2 minutes: Just add ground coffee and water, stir and press. Clean-up takes only a few seconds. 

Brew filter or espresso style coffee: Brews one to three delicious cups with one press. AeroPress Original can also make cold brew coffee as well as espresso-style coffee.