Guatemala – La Bendición – José Alfredo Gómez

16,00 58,00 

Sensory notes: orange, berries, tropical fruit 

Weight N/A

Palencia, Sanguyaba






2000, 1800


Finca La Bendición, nestled in the village of Sanguyaba, Palencia, is a family-owned farm renowned for its specialty coffee production. This farm, originally purchased by Vicente Gómez and María Reyes 89 years ago, is now under the careful management of their son, José Alfredo Gómez.

The name Finca La Bendición, meaning “Blessing,” reflects José’s profound gratitude for the land, which he views as a divine gift. Situated at an altitude of 1800 to 2000 meters above sea level, this farm spans 34 hectares and cultivates a diverse range of plants, including coffee, avocados, oranges, and bananas. The coffee varieties grown here include Pache, San Ramon, Catisic, Catuai, and Bourbon, with ongoing experimentation to refine their offerings. The family’s commitment to environmental preservation is evident in their farming practices. Coffee plants benefit from the shade provided by avocado, banana, and orange trees, and herbicides are intentionally avoided to protect the soil and coffee quality.Although the farm does not have its own dry mill, a collaboration with San Miguel Mill allows the team to focus entirely on cultivating top-quality coffee.

This batch is sun-dried for 13 days on patios. Only cherries with an ideal Brix value of 22 are selected during picking, ensuring sufficient honey content in the cherries. The result is a sweet and bright cup with an aromatic profile that begins with floral notes and transitions to the sweetness characteristic of tropical fruits, all complemented by a notably intriguing acidity.

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