Colombia – Cauca Robles

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Sensory notes: blackberries, orange, panela, caramel

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caturra, Colombia




This unique lot, named after the Robles River, is cultivated by a group of young farmers under 25 years old amidst the verdant landscapes of Cauca, Colombia. These farmers embarked on their journey in 2020, learning fermentation techniques and experimenting with their craft. Today, their dedication has earned recognition in competitions such as “The Best of Cauca” and “Colombia Land and Diversity”.

Sustainability is at the heart of their practices, with farms encompassing 20 hectares of natural forest and water sources. Alongside coffee trees, this land is home to Guamo, cascarilla, mango, heliconea, and guava trees.

The Cauca region, nestled in the Colombian massif, is renowned as the source of Colombia’s major rivers such as the Cauca and Magdalena. Being closer to the equator, Cauca receives abundant sunshine throughout the year and benefits from a stable climate shielded by high mountains from Pacific winds and humidity. However, unlike other regions where temperatures remain relatively stable at night, Cauca often experiences lower temperatures, which could be considered adverse for coffee trees. Nonetheless, this cooler climate slows down coffee cherry ripening, allowing for the accumulation of sugars and compounds that enhance its acidity and sweet, fruity notes.

Featuring varietals like Colombia, Caturra, or occasionally Cenicafe, this blend produced in Vereda San Pedro is meticulously fermented to enhance its natural fruity essence, ensuring a delightful and aromatic experience with every sip. Delight in the rich blend of blackberries, caramel, and panela, accentuated by subtle notes of orange, peach, raisins, and blueberry. With a medium body and silky texture, each cup offers a harmonious balance and smooth finish, complemented by a gentle acidity.

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