Uganda – Stratoberry – Sironko Coffee Yard

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Sensory notes: orange blossom, vanilla, berries, mou

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Mount Elgon


SL28, catimor, SL14






StratoBerry Coffee is a unique and flavorful coffee grown on the majestic Mount Elgon in East Uganda, at an impressive altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. This exceptional coffee is produced by several smallholder farmers, primarily from the Buzemunwa village in the Gamoga region. These dedicated farmers rely on climate-smart practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact while enhancing climate resilience. Their commitment to sustainability is evident across the lush slopes of Mount Elgon.

At the heart of this endeavor are lead farmer Alex and sourcing expert Normann, who oversee operations at the Sironko Coffee Yard. This hub is essential for processing and washing the coffee, grown in rich volcanic soils. StratoBerry is a blend of the Catimor, SL.14, and SL.28 varieties, which thrive in the diverse climatic conditions of the forested zone. The coffee’s vibrant floral and tutti-fruity notes reflect its unique origins.

The meticulous anaerobic processing method begins with careful cherry collection, followed by layered drying over an extended period. The coffee is then protected and fermented in large plastic drums for 12-24 hours, enhancing its complex flavor profile.

When you savor a cup of StratoBerry Coffee, you’ll experience delightful notes of orange and vanilla blossom, berries, and mou. This harmonious blend creates a rich and satisfying flavor that is both complex and refreshing. Indulge in StratoBerry Coffee and enjoy the taste of dedication and sustainable farming practices from the heart of Uganda.

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