Costa Rica – Beneficio M&M – Finca La Pachuca Micro Lot

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Sensory notes: ripe fruit, sugar cane, cacao nibs, nutmeg

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Central Valley




catuai, caturra




M&M Micro Mill, managed by the coffee expert Roberto Mata and his son Michael, stands as a testament to their extensive experience in crafting exceptional specialty coffee. Located in the Dota region, Tarrazu, Costa Rica, this micro mill processes the harvest from various family members in the Dota area.

This lot comes from Finca La Pachuca owned by Mata’s Family since 1994. The Caturra and Catuai grow at an elevation of 1600 above the sea level.

This micro lot e undergoes a natural controlled lactic fermentation process, with 100% of the beans harvested at their optimal ripeness, measuring at 20 Brix. Prior to this, there’s a slow drying phase on African beds lasting 7 days. Subsequently, the beans are dried for 6 days in a rotary dryer, maintaining a temperature below 50°C, with resting periods every 12 hours. This carefully controlled process results into a very sweet fruitiness and juicy cup with a warming chocolatey aftertaste and some nutmeg hints.

The Mata family’s collaborative efforts throughout the harvest season are executed with precision, leaving no room for chance. They place great emphasis on standardization, aiming to replicate their specialty lots consistently. Adjacent to their processing facility, a well-organized cupping space and sample cabinet await. M&M exclusively focuses on honey and natural lots, employing raised beds. To shield the coffee during scorching hours, metal tables and shade nets are employed. Mechanical dryers help attain the ideal humidity levels for export.

Costa Rica, a country celebrated for its rich natural beauty and respect for wildlife, inspires many farms, including M&M Micro Mill, to produce high-quality coffee with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. M&M’s dedication extends to environmental concerns, and they are actively working to adopt more eco-friendly processes.

We roast all coffees, based on orders, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we ship the next day!