Ethiopia – Alaka Wine Process

18,00 64,00 

Sensory notes:  violet flower, mango and passion fruit.

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West Guji


74110, 74112


2000, 2300


Buno Coffee Trading is the maestro behind a captivating symphony of flavors and traditions in the heart of the Guji region, Ethiopia. With seven strategically placed washing stations, Buno creates a haven for coffee enthusiasts.

Situated at over 2000 meters above sea level, this unique region influences cultivation: young coffee trees – cordia africana, acacia, and albizzia – not only provide shade to the coffee plants but also impart a unique character to the beans.

In 2018, Buno Coffee Trading embarked on this journey under the visionary guidance of Mr. Abiyot. His meticulous approach to quality is evident in every step, from collaborating with farmers to cherry processing and drying practices. The collaboration focuses on farmers with plots ranging from 8-15 hectares, allowing for a more intimate quality improvement process and the creation of individual micro-lots that showcase the distinctive touch of each producer.

At the core of Buno’s ethos is a spirit of partnership and shared values. Fully ripe cherries after harvest are rewarded with a premium of one birr per kilogram. Supporting farmers during the off-season by extending a credit line for harvest-related expenses reflects a commitment to the community.

Now, let’s delve into the fascinating story of this exceptional lot, shaped by the hands of nine skilled farmers. Each oversees an average of six hectares, and their youthful spirit brings a breath of exploration to different coffee processing methods. An intriguing gamble is the Wine Process:

Overripening: Cherries are intentionally left on the shrubs, accumulating higher sugar levels.

Harvesting: Fully overripe cherries are delicately hand-picked.

Sun-Drying: Cherries sprawl under the sunlight during the day and are tucked into tubs at night.

Extended Fermentation: Cherries undergo a patient fermentation of 30-60 days.

Transition to Raisins: Cherries transform into a raisin-like consistency.

Depulping: Beans are gently removed from cherries using a depulper machine.

Post-Depulping Drying: Beans are dried again to reduce moisture.

Ideal Moisture Content: Beans are monitored until moisture reaches 12-14%.

The resulting coffee boasts a fruity flavor of mango and passion fruit with hints of purple flowers and a wine-like fermentation nuance.

We roast all coffees, based on orders, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we ship the next day!