Ethiopia – Hamasho

18,00 64,00 

Sensory notes: peach flower, brown sugar, wild berries, black tea

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Sidama Bensa




JARC 74112




These cherries are processed at Hamasho Washing Station, in Sidama Bensa region. The area is one of the highest elevations in Ethiopia, up to 2260-2360 meters above the sea level. The outgrower group consists of about 1500 growers in various parts of the mountain range. The beans are very dense, with heavy concentration of the smaller screen sizes. This reflects slow maturation at higher altitudes.

This washed lot is wet fermented for 36 to 72 hours, and then washed again in fresh water in long channels to remove the remaining mucilage. Afterwards, the coffee is dried on African beds for about 12 to 15 days to around 10% moisture. During high sun, the beds are covered to prevent over drying. This articulated steps highlight its floral peachy notes and elevates the fruitiness of the cup, resulting in a overall delicate tea-like complexity.

The producer’s dedication to quality is evident in their Cup of Excellence achievements, securing an impressive 2nd place in 2022.

The producers of Hamasho, who live up in the beautiful Bombe mountains, are outgrowers who maintain a relationship with our Ethiopian partner Daye Bensa. Small producers deliver their cherries to Daye Bensa’s Hamasho stations; the company meticulously separates defected and unripe/overripe cherries, while implementing consistent processing procedures and employing reliable storage and defect detection techniques during milling and hulling.

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